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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

gabba gabba we accept you

I see a bunch of new faces in the friends box on semagic. Please do feel free to say hi, introduce yourselves, comment, or whatever. I do read all the comments, though I don't always respond unless I have something to add or argue, and I am interested in all of you.

If I haven't friended you back it's because I'm at my limit for this account, and every time I friend somebody I have to unfriend something else. But I almost never post locked entries anyway (and frankly, I am lousy at keeping up with reading the massive friends list on this thing) and when I do post something locked it's mostly pointless spam. So don't feel left out or unwelcome.

Say hi!


I'm not a new face, but I don't comment often. I find your posts about writing thoughtful, informative and fun and I wanted to thank you for putting it all out there. :-)
You're welcome!
Did I ever say hi? If not, hi!

(I've been lurking around for a while, but all I do is skulk around the corners, so dunno if that counts.)
Hi back!
Hi. My name is Jeremy. I'm a publisher/editor[Night Shade Books], and angry political provacatour, and soon to be former employee of UCSF, due to said poltical provacations. :) I also work at San Francisco's Greatest Bookstore, Borderlands Books

Oh. And I just sold a copy of Hammered to a customer looking for a good read.... You should make Bantam send you on a tour. Is Anne your editor, or Julliet? Either way, we'd love to see you in San Francisco. If you ever get out to the bay area, be sure to set up up a signing with us. :)

Booksellers are my biggest heroes. *g*

Actually, I'm going to try to visit the bay area next year, if possible. I'll let you know if I make it.
*small cheer from over on the East Bay, but a very quiet one in case Murphy's Law kicks in*
You know Claud then!

Tell him I said hi, and give him a hug for me. (And hi, nicetameetcha, Jeremy. :)

I will give mim your best. Likewise, nice to meetcha.

Hi! Yeah, I noticed your huge f-list, so I figured friending back would be out. But that's okay. Most of the time my friendslist is a reading list anyway.
Well, welcome anyway *g*
Hi! I friended you because you were on several of my friends' lists, your posts were interesting, and, as someone else mentioned, my friends list is more of a reading list.

I don't have a good 30 word blurb on myself. I'm underemployed in the Silicon Valley (currently tutoring English and History part time.) I have a fairly typical subset of fannish hobbies (costuming, historical dancing, gaming, etc...) I'm hitting the mid-thirty OhDearWhereHasMyLifeGone? slump, but otherwise of sound mind. Thanks for the welcome!

Good to meet you! Hello!
Hi! I'm here via my spouse sanguinity. Your writing-progress posts seem to appear on my friends lists just when I need a reminder to work on my own word count. And I like big dogs.
Yay! Come on in, and a genuine pleasure to meet you.
Hello. I'm here because I'm spying on favored authors via lj. hehe

Actually, it was your username that grabbed me. Nice to make your acquaintance. :)
Come on in! Pleased to meetcha.
Yoshi is poking me in the ribs over the fact you friended me back in the same week I mentioned him. "See," he insists, "it's the randy bisexual buddhist monk part that gets them every time."

I don't know if an author can owe more to a character than the character owes to the author . . . *shrugs*

He's like a bad hair day -- can't do a thing with him. But unlike a bad hair day, I wouldn't want to.

Anyway, I have a conundrum, I don't know if you have a moment to give a word of advice -- it's on my LJ at http://www.livejournal.com/users/slobbit/76671.html , but long story short, a non-fiction opportunity in my area of fiction research has come to my attention. The editor asked me for a CV, which I don't really have, as pertains to writing. What does one do? She asked for samples as well, which I can provide easily enough. But the CV part has me stymied.

Gyah -- no obligation, of course -- just seeking the opinion of someone who knows the biz better than I . . . and sorry for the spam!
Okay. First, I'd look for any accomplishments you can spin as pertaining to the project. Do you speak Japanese? It can't hurt to mention in the cover letter any other things about yourself that pertain to the project--I'm a fiction writer working on a Japanese historical novel, I practice Shinto, my father was an oni demon, I'm a self-educated expert on Japanese cultural history and I go there every New Year's Ever and I run an anime import business n the side. Whatever. *g*

As long as you can do it without sounding like an idiot.

As for the samples, I'd include whatever you have that pertains most closely to the project.

Good luck. *g* Keep me posted.



LJ-less lurker here. Many belated thanks for judging the ChiZine contest!


Which story was yours?


The Clockmaker's Daughter.
Congratulations! (We didn't know anybody's names, y'see.)


Thanks! Glad you guys liked the story.
Hi -- just back from the Canadian long weekend. I think I originally arrived from a comment off ajhalluk or truepenny, and stayed because it was rather neat, and one can never have too many clever bookish friends. (And I hold you wholly responsible for the the fact that I picked up The World of Christopher Marlowe when I was in London this past February.) I also subscribe to the flist = reading list position.

Me? Born in Portsmouth, grew up in Canada, intending to work with computers, went back to UK for twelve years of university in mediaeval studies for no adequately-explained reason, came back to Toronto three years ago and now pay the bills by convincing computers to be cleverer. Historical studies at Cambridge were sufficiently rigid and fact-based and put-your-imagination-down-and-walk-away-slowly that I do intend someday to write a 5th-century saga of all the creative ideas I had that I couldn't use in my academic career, but working with computers seems to be using too many of the same brain cells at the moment.

I'm fascinated. Thank you!