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I'm a thin ice walker, I'm a freelance writer

I don't usually remember my dreams, but I had a doozy last night. It involved being hired as an operator for a cannon at a wedding--a confetti cannon. But when I say cannon, you have to understand, this thing was the 22-inch deck gun of confetti cannons. It was about eight feet tall and painted glossy black, with a bulbous belly, and my job was to use it to fire a shower of confetti over the happy newlyweds when they entered the open limousine. I was, somewhat understandably, concerned about blowing their heads off, but the limousine driver, a short older woman in a frilly white dress, assured me it would be all right.

Did I mention we were in Bavaria?

Anyway, I'm not quite sure of the sequence here, but through some concatenation of events, the wedding was crashed by somebody dangerous, and the limousine driver swung into action. Hiking her frilly white dress over her bandy thighs, she commandeered the best man's horse and rode off to the rescue. Some time later, she, and horse, returned in pursuit of the Dangerous Individual.

Who I then detained with the confetti cannon.

She was right. It didn't take his head off.

Anyway, the limousine driver will no doubt be showing up somewhere. Horse, frilly dress, and all. She made an impression.

It does sound kind of like an episode of The Avengers, doesn't it?

Anybody care to offer a dream analysis of that?

Nothing left
But the sound
Of the front door closing forever

Tags: bavarian babushkas, the perversity of the subconscious mind
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