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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

dating myself

there are no words.



I would love to have this!
Is it a sign that I'm a geek that I probably can still do the entire opening and ending theme songs from memory?

When I look, all around, i can't believe the things I've found...
"Marshall, Will and Holly... on a routine ex-puh-dition!" Uh... and some other stuff.
I won a drink recently by singing the entire theme song at a bar. Does that mean I'm dating myself as well?

Marshall, Will and Holly, on a routine expedition...
Do I dare? I've heard several stories of disappointment, having their childhood infatuation with the show crushed by seeing the show again through adult eyes...
Let's just say that I recognize some of these matte paintings....
I grew up thinking "Land of the Lost" was the BEST SHOW EVAH, and that I'd marry a Sleestak - after I screamed "OH MIGHTY ISIS" and turned into a hot chick wearing a white mini-skirt, that is.

There. I've not only dated myself, I've proven my complete insanity....
Oh yes, that's in our Netflix queue.
Oh my gosh! I loved that show!

And actually my first thought when I saw your title was, "where do you take yourself on a date and will you call yourself the next day?"
The entire Sid and Marty Krofft oevure tends to make me feel like a space alien, and not in the good way. I am of an age to have seen this stuff, had I grown up in America; this, and Schoolhouse Rock, are one of those things that still make me cringe a little and feel like a clueless, uncool dork. And now thanks to the Internet, it's hard to even *imagine* that level of cultural isolation. I'm sure overseas kids today are downloading episodes and ordering Amazon DVDs and reading fan sites about all their favorite shows, even if their local non-English-language TV station won't carry them for years to come.

I suppose I should add these to my Netflix queue, so I can at least understand the language of the native-raised American, but it can't possibly be the same as a childhood exposure.
One would think that oe with a traveler's experience was cooler than one who had childhood memories of... a tv show.
Today, yes. In third grade? Not at all. Well, maybe to grown-ups it was interesting that I spoke French and had lived in Europe, but to other kids? They didn't even know what Belgium was, or where it was.

Also, there's the shared-experience factor. Gamera movies are pretty darn bad, but there's a certain shared glee in singing the theme song with a bunch of other geeks. While as an adult I don't feel alienated and left out (maybe a little peeved) if all my friends start going on about the latest sci-fi TV show which I haven't seen, it was a lot harder on a little kid or an already-nerdy outcast teenager.

Some of it could be funny, of course. I missed the whole New Coke fooferaw, and when I returned to the USA and heard about it, I was convinced that the whole thing was just somebody's idea of a joke on the clueless kid who'd been in Africa. I mean, come on, New Coke? They thought I'd believe that one? Since these were the same people who asked about lions and tigers and whether I'd lived in a mud hut, it *had* to be a joke, right?
"They didn't even know what Belgium was, or where it was."

Maybe they did, and they were just being kind. We are talking about the taint of Europe, after all.
Wow... I didn't realize Land of the Lost came out in '74. I guess I saw it all in syndication when I watched it in the 80s.



Suddenly my mind turned to crossovers and new versions of classic shows 30 years later. I'm imagining a Land of the Lost/Star Blazers crossover with Gamilons shouting "Sleeeeeestak, Sleestak, Sleestak!" And the Yamato passing through a giant rock in a space river. Or something like that.
Oh, yes. My brother received those as a Christmas gift this year, and they quickly became his daughter's favorite (tied with his tapes of Emergency! reruns from TVLand) television show. Her dad hasn't shown her most of the Sleestak episodes because they'd freak her out. She was 2 1/2 at the time. Now, at three, playing with her involves being either Johnny or Roy, whichever one she doesn't want to be (her baby brother is usually either Chet or Dr. Brackett), and trying to rescue Will and Holly from dinosaurs and falls off of cliffs.

Good times.
Oh God! Emergency! I had a mad, mad crush (as only a ten year old can) on Randy Mantooth! That show is probably responsible for the long string of otherwise worthless medical types I dated just post college!
Sigh. I was in much the same boat. Much better looking than Kevin Tighe.
Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Actually, I found an amusing website recently on live action TV from the '70's; I'd forgotten about some of the other gems of that era (Captain Kool and the Kongs, anyone? The Kids from CAPER?)

But who could forget Marshall, Will & Holly? My brother wanted to be a Sleestak....
I recall dressing up as Captain Kool for one halloween...I got so tired of explaining what I was to all the clueless parents who opened the doors that I eventually just started saying, "I'm a rock star." Still remember trying to get sequins on my cheek in the shape of a star...

And I *loved* the Kids from CAPER.... "When the big baloney was bluuue..."
I was one of the Banana Splits one year, and had an Old Curiosity Shop lunchbox....

Am I old?
Oh yeah!

But Maia would kill me. Too campy for words, and she cannot understand the horror of the Sleestak.

You can watch them when she's in the barn....
No, it isn't the show, but spending the money on such camp.

She'd not actually kill me, but I'd get strange looks when it arrived, and pitying glances after she sees an episode.

We'll just buy more WW.

I want one!
Land of the Lost is vaguely understandable: that show was catnip to my fragile seven-year-old mind when it first came out. However, if you're buying DVDs of The Bugaloos or The Lost Saucer, we will have words.