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December 2021



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bear by san

Rome is a democracy.

In honor of his recent move to New England, matociquala & hernewshoes are pleased to announce that the betting pool is open on: how long before a Yankee farmer drops nihilistic_kid down a dry well and drags some boards o'er the top to play canasta on?



I'll put five in on the nihilistic_kid dropping the Yankee farmer down the well and telling him it's the asshole of Cthulhu.
I'll take your money, sir, though it shames me.
Huh. Have you ever hung out with Nick? He can be really nice and strikes me as someone who would make a good neighbor.
I know Nick well. *g* And he reads this journal.

actually, I figured his would be the first money on the table, but Charlie's faster.
I've never met him, except online, although I look forward to it someday.

It's just I can't hear the phrase "Yankee farmer" without thinking of "The Colour Out Of Space." It's my own peculiar flaw.
How odd, that's somewhat similar to the premise of my novelette "Real People Slash", which will be published in November.
I loved when E jumped in on that post and went "You were in line for all of thirty seconds, you big baby!"
Oh, everybody's wrong here. Twenty says Mamatas revisits the Maine town where he grew up and rediscovers his childhood while fighting Satan in some guise or another.
Anybody wanna cover that bet? I'll give double odds on orange blood.
I'll see that orange blood, and raise you some ichor.
I'll pay off triple if Satan runs around quoting The Big Bopper.
My childhood...and the power of friendship!
Look out for the green van, man.
Can I go with 'on sight'? And the existence of a prophecy by Goody Cole which specifically mentions that it has to be canasta and not brag?
A month and two days. But someone will save him and he'll come back and make a snarky entry about it.
For reasons I can't quite put into words, I find you've made me think of The Witch of Coos. I mean, there the body's in the cellar, not down a dry well. Not the same at all.