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Link Dagwood Salad

The range of people on my flist sometimes astounds me. For example, a brief overview of some of the posts that made me snort this morning:

katallen on telepathy and terrorism:  Longest diversion -- trying to work out military style courtesy for an officer walking in on an NCO getting a blow-job.

scott_lynch on a Jedi craves not these thingsClearly, you do not comprehend the sole alternative to our having those keys if we need to be inside your building, and that alternative is large, grumpy men with crowbars.

 nineweaving on carnage and travel: the bathroom looks like a Vulcan murder scene.

oracne on choosing impsI don't feel like a dark and smoky person.

misia searches out the parallels between people of faith, and Rick SantorumIt Takes A Homophobe Family

bestiarycards: Mandarin Rattlesnake, 9 of Diamonds.

markgritter on less happy puppy bitesWe monkeys have our devious ways, and opposable thumbs, and all that.

ursulav makes bear golemsDon't look at me, I was painting the keyhole eyed thing.

scottbateman on duct tape architecture, yo:

magicwoman on resumes you don't see every dayYou never know what theme you'll find on a Flash resume, from space-age motifs to Spiderman to video games.

eugie on skunk clippingI've got a system. I hold him down and clip, and he huffs at me.

redbird on (reasonable?) searchesI carry a backpack. (And it's a testament to ladegard's perverseness that my immediate thought was "My name is Friday. I carry a badger.")

kelliem on blasphemySince when... does one drink Guinness cold???

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