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Sometimes you eat the MP3 Player....

...and sometimes the MP3 Player eats you. It seems to be in kicking-up-appropriate-songs mode today. ("It's a shame that our kids are dumb, but our bombs are smart....)

I'm trying to find the intestinal fortitude to get to work on Hammered. And put together the March issue of A & A--which seems to be developing a very silly theme, unless we shuffle some stories around. But I kinda like the silly theme, so I'm trying to convince Leah to let me do it and run a name-that-theme contest. (First prize: a free subscription? Hah!)

Jed Hartman gave us a nice plug over in HIS online journal. Thank you, Jed. His magazine is better than ours, though, so maybe you should go read Strange Horizons, too.
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