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professional dilemmas

yhlee with an especially good reading-list roundup. Warning: this will kill a good hour of your life.

Today I did a whole bunch of administrative work for a Sekrit Project, and stuck "Lucifugous" back on the back burner to cook for a while, until it deigns to quit being so damned stubborn. So I'm back on vacation, more or less, though I have an article to write this week or next.

I'm really contemplating this going full-time writing thing. I'm starting to have a hard time meeting both my dayjob commitments and my professional writing and editing ones. Nobody benefits if I'm tired all the time, and my current state of dragged-out exhausted isn't conducive to doing good work for anybody.

S'scary, though. And I'm sure kit_kindred's family will give him hell about it, because while he understands the whole writing-is-work thing, the inlaws notsomuch.

But good gravy. I've been doing about 80 hours a week on writing-related stuff, and another twenty at the job job, and... man.

That's really a lot. And I have to write a book by November. A kind of challenging book, which I would really like to have be a good book. Which means I have to not be so tired that all I can do is sit in front of my computer and read livejournal. *g*

Steve's telling me I should quit. 'course, Steve comes over here to eat a lot... ;-)
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