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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Oh, there's my brain.

I finished reading On the Road today, and am embarked on a massive attempt to clean out my crit pile. So far this week I've read one complete and two partial unpublished novels by three talented writers (katallen's The Middlemost Child, makeshiftdaisy's Red Means Go, and truepenny's The Weight of Memory), and suggested massive sweeping structural changes to all three of them. I'm not exactly sure why it is that anybody wants my critiques again...

"This would be a great book if you'd cut fifty pages, and rewrite it in an entirely different POV--or several POVs, for that matter, and add a prologue, and by the way the last third of the book needs to be twice as long as it is because you're rushing the beats. I liked this line over here, though." Seriously, I wouldn't let me crit my stuff. You all are much more patient than I am. Or you find me funny; that's also possible.

In any case, next up leahbobet's Claire de Lune and also Peter's Blindsight, and aren't you jealous? I wonder what hideous maiming changes I'll want to make to these. I wonder if any of my friends will be speaking to me this time next week.Since the first thing I'm going to do is tell Leah to change the title... *ducks*

In any case, Peter wins the Epigraph Wars for ever and ever.

"You will die like a dog for no good reason."

--Ernest Hemingway

Yep. That'll be me, after my friends get done beating me to death with those shovels.... :-P


One of the key characteristics of a good writer is the ability to ignore criticism when it is warranted.
WHen you have a shovel handy, there's no need to ignore!
Heh -- fear not. It's a working title, and always has been.

Well, fear a little less... :p
I just keep expecting to find I'm in France....
You will die like a dog for no good reason.


True though, from what I've noticed in real life, as of late.
Excelsior. :-P
Well, I wish you'd told me to change my title.

And that you'd had a suggestion.

Because I hate that title, but cannot for the life of me think of a different one. Never mind a better one. :P
*g* Oh, well, I'll keep that in mind....

Although, you know, if you just changed the POV and the entire focus of the book, a different title might suggest itself!

Really, I have no idea why you put up with me.

And Now for Something Completely Unrelated...

Sorry about 'chipping away' at you last night, I couldn't seem to help myself.

I love the Violent Femmes.
I haven't noticed you using any old Mission Impossible icons, is it because it's not out on DVD?

JD (who gets into those froggy moods and can't be taken anywhere)

Re: And Now for Something Completely Unrelated...

You mean like this one?

she won't hold!

i don't think the suggestions you made to RMG count as sweeping structural changes. although you did mention the S-Word (Sunshine) so I must decide if I still like you (even though I make the comparison myself, post reading Sunshine, or most of it, for as we know, I hates it and didn't talk to myself for two whole days after realizing it had that same get-to-the-fucking-point problem ;))

Re: she won't hold!


I was mostly thinking of Sunshine because your book has the same sort of quirkiness. Bohemian Fantasy. A coming thing.

Writng Related Thing

I am curious about the writing life. I'd like to survey you published author types.

1. Do you experience/suffer episodes of writing avoidance? Like you would rather go and do dishes, clean the cat box, pick up Scooby's doo or rearrange your pen holder, instead?

2. Is this normal?

3. Does it get any better as you go along? Or is it part of the gig?

JD, Curious wanna be published author

Re: Writng Related Thing

1) Yes, and 2) it's normal, and 3) it's part of the gig. It does get better, though -- eventually, you learn how to tell the difference between it's just you being lazy and it's your hindbrain trying to tell you something's not ready to be written.

(repost with correction)

and by the way the last third of the book needs to be twice as long as it is because you're rushing the beats.

::grins:: but see, when you're right you're right. Doomed, yer doomed!
I'm not exactly sure why it is that anybody wants my critiques again...

Because you are most exceptionally talented, I suspect. :)
Talented is a euphemism in this case for pushy and opinionated. *g*

Rough Crits

Why do we put up with you? Because you have the guts to say, loud and clear, what you see...and you have great vision. You can crit my work any time.

Re: Rough Crits

And I always feel so guilty afterwards. *g* It's probably fun to watch....