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Oh, there's my brain.

I finished reading On the Road today, and am embarked on a massive attempt to clean out my crit pile. So far this week I've read one complete and two partial unpublished novels by three talented writers (katallen's The Middlemost Child, makeshiftdaisy's Red Means Go, and truepenny's The Weight of Memory), and suggested massive sweeping structural changes to all three of them. I'm not exactly sure why it is that anybody wants my critiques again...

"This would be a great book if you'd cut fifty pages, and rewrite it in an entirely different POV--or several POVs, for that matter, and add a prologue, and by the way the last third of the book needs to be twice as long as it is because you're rushing the beats. I liked this line over here, though." Seriously, I wouldn't let me crit my stuff. You all are much more patient than I am. Or you find me funny; that's also possible.

In any case, next up leahbobet's Claire de Lune and also Peter's Blindsight, and aren't you jealous? I wonder what hideous maiming changes I'll want to make to these. I wonder if any of my friends will be speaking to me this time next week.Since the first thing I'm going to do is tell Leah to change the title... *ducks*

In any case, Peter wins the Epigraph Wars for ever and ever.

"You will die like a dog for no good reason."

--Ernest Hemingway

Yep. That'll be me, after my friends get done beating me to death with those shovels.... :-P

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