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Golden lads and girls all must....

So I seem to be in the vein wherein my brain generates titles. Just randomly. This is good, because now several of my untitled projects have names. This is bad, because for me, a title is the first big step in concretizing a project. And thus my list of novels to be written when I get around to it has risen from eight to eleven. (Mine goes to eleven.)

The current list, more or less in order of priority:

1) Scardown (Jenny's sequel.)
2) The Stratford Man (The Shakespeare thing--I figure I can do the research for that one while hammering out the SF draft)
6) All Come to Dust (The long threatened not-a-Christian-allegory-'cause-I-ain't-Christian fantasy that I need to write simply because I have this incredibly cool antag that I need to know more about.)
7) Between the Bones Another installment in the Eddas universe. I have the last thousand words of this written. It makes me feel a little like J. K. Rowling--because I don't have a damned thing written between here and there.
4) A Glass of Rain (If I decide I can stand Elaine's universe enough to write the sequel for which I left a few hooks lying around.)
3) A Treachery of Princes (alternately, A Treason of Princes) (the YA set in Eiledon, with Cathmar as a backup character and an otherwise entirely new cast. Except maybe Selene.)
5) Wetwired (Jenny's other sequel)
8) A Murder of Kings (Another YA idea)
9) The Song is the Road, the Road is the Song, The first contact novel with the colloids. And maybe metallic gaseous hydrogen. And songlines, and Alcheringa, and maybe some of the characters from a novelet I never finished, and interstellar travel... I am so not ready to write this book yet.
10) No More than a Star just in case I ever decide I need to finish it, there's a third of a police procedural/vampire novel sitting on this hard drive right here. No, really. But I probably won't. :-)
11) A Confusion of Angels. In case I decide I need a third YA book. To round out the set.

Well, that should be enough to keep me busy for three or four years. :-P


Some of them tombstone really well, though. I'm most fond of "All Come to Dust Elizabeth Bear," although "Between the Bones Elizabeth Bear" is all right too.

Chris keeps telling me that the opening line of The Stratford Man needs to be, "Marlowe was dead to begin with." I dunno.... Tempting. But I'm not sure it sets the tone I'm looking for.

I'm thinking of "Shadows lay over the nave," personally.

Heh. And I thought up a followup to "e.e. "doc" cummings."

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