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We do more by nine am....

Slushed, all slushed, and 648 words on Scardown, bringing the MS to 270 pages. (More progress than that in terms of draft copy, because I deleted a paragraph or two of outline notes that I wrote as narrative).

Two point five notecards dead. (I X them out when their usefullness is ended. Very therapeutic.)

Back on schedule, and maybe I'll go after some more wordage tonight, when I get good and sick of editing Hammered.

Oh, a very nice reject from Just Weird Enough last night (they thought the story conflict was too internalized for the YA audience--fair enough), and a story out to Ideomancer. I've got three sitting in my inbox now waiting for a market to clear, and I have 14 subs out, all short stories.

Okay, enough stalling. Revisions ho!

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