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context: a hot button of mine, the idea that if you're going to have a character who is gay/black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim/something non-North-American-percieved-monoculture-baseline, it has to "have some bearing on the story," because otherwise it's "extraneous." Because you know, a character can't just be Jewish because she came that way. It has to be Relevant.

[19:12] matociquala: Because you know, then you can't have white, straight characters in a story unless their white straightness effects the story.
[19:12] matociquala: affects, even.
[19:12] matociquala: *thump*
[19:12] leahbobet: *pets the stick*
[19:12] leahbobet: Good stick.
[19:12] matociquala: How dare you deviate from baseline!
[19:12] buymeaclue: Dirty!
[19:12] matociquala: Ethnic people must be made invisible!
[19:13] matociquala: Along with all the queers and commies!
[19:13] matociquala: *THUMP!*
[19:13] matociquala: Grrr.
[19:13] matociquala: *sits down and shuts up*
[19:13] stillnotbored: *pats Bear*
[19:13] jmeadows: *watches Bear*
[19:13] stillnotbored: good Bear
[19:13] ospreys_view: so that's what I did wrong with my trees. They weren't white or straight.
[19:13] matociquala: indeed.
[19:13] jmeadows: duh, Katherine :P
[19:13] stillnotbored: silly you Katherine
[19:13] matociquala: and sort of innofensively baseline protestant.
[19:13] matociquala: You know.
[19:13] ospreys_view: Hmm a white oak meets a red maple...
[19:13] matociquala: But not church-going.
[19:14] leahbobet: Bear's washroom is obviously breeding Bolsheviks.
[19:14] melinda_goodin: "no axes!" - that kind of Protestant tree?
[19:14] matociquala: Unless it affects the story.
[19:14] matociquala: Heh.
[19:14] matociquala: My washroom is *infested* with Bolsheviks.
[19:14] ospreys_view: I only skim the mlist these days.
[19:14] matociquala: And you know, I even use Scott toilet paper.
[19:14] ospreys_view: It takes too much mental energy to read it in depth.
[19:14] leahbobet: (and I read that as "I only skin the mlist these days")
[19:14] leahbobet: (And approved so very heartily.)
[19:15] matociquala: hee
[19:15] ospreys_view: make a few typos and people are putting words in your mouth.
[19:16] leahbobet: See, am I the only one that makes characters of a certain ethnicity because they inform me that's where they were born?
[19:17] stillnotbored: no
[19:18] melinda_goodin: no
[19:19] matociquala: That's pretty much what I do. *g*
[19:20] katallen: it depends, sometimes their ethnicity etc is plot important
[19:20] katallen: ::grins::
[19:21] leahbobet: Back to my novel where everyone is brown. *g*
[19:21] stillnotbored: *g*
[19:21] jmeadows: and hurry up! ;)
[19:21] katallen: I have freakouts about things sometimes
[19:21] matociquala: Hee.
[19:21] matociquala: Novels with brown people!
[19:21] leahbobet: *hides from Jodi*
[19:22] leahbobet: Well, one person is blue-green.
[19:22] leahbobet: But everyone else? Brown.
[19:22] katallen: but what's with the generalisation thing?
[19:23] katallen: ::sprawls::
[19:25] melinda_goodin: It's really sunny? They're all sunburned? (except the blue-green one)
[19:26] leahbobet: They all live in ancient Mesopotamia.
[19:26] leahbobet: They don't keep white folks there.
[19:26] leahbobet: The blue-green one is Tiamat. *g*
[19:26] matociquala: all the white people in my book were eaten by nanites.
[19:26] matociquala: so sad.

Anyway, it was funny. *g*

Further contextualization--I'm currently writing an article for RE on writing characters who don't conform to baseline.
Tags: blood and rhetoric, chatroom transcripts, screeds & manifestos, the sound of one faucet dripping, there will always be assholes, writing craft wank
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