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Slept a lot last night (>9 hours) last night after literally falling asleep with my nose in Whose Bible is it Anyway? (No reflection on Mr. Pelikan there: it was after midnight and I had been up since the early, and got Nearly No sleep through the end of last week.) I've been good about the exercise lately, though (go me). Starting to get the barest beginnings of the itchiness to write again. Mostly its manifesting itself in the urge to write longhand, though,which has been an ongoing feature of this book. We hates writing longhand. Hates it. It means retyping later.

But that is the Carnival way, apparently.

And now I must eat something.

You know, the little pile of fruit and nuts and cheese in the bottom of the salad bowl is the best bit.

I'm getting into this whole idea of animated icon as micro-flash fiction. Shows, doesn't it?


via jlassen, The Race Against Race. A polemic on racism in genre writing communities and the real world. (This slops over into gay rights and feminism as well, and it's uncomfortably honest in places.)

sartorias, pursuant to the self-indulgence comversation

katallen, pursuant to same.

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