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No frigate like a camel.

[13:21] leahbobet: And with that, we courteously ask the Middle of the Book to not let the door hit it on its fat ass on the way out.
[13:22] katallen: wooo go goodbyes!
[13:23] stillsostrange: Woo!
[13:23] matociquala: Yay!
[13:25] leahbobet: And oh man, 123k SMF.
[13:26] katallen: woooo
[13:26] leahbobet: I hope I can wrap this up under 150k...
[13:26] katallen: and I gotta go for a bit ::hugs::
[13:26] leahbobet: *waves to the Kat*
[13:27] matociquala: Leah's a machine. *g*
[13:27] leahbobet: Leah's never selling this book.
[13:28] leahbobet: It will break the editors' desks.
[13:28] leahbobet: They will invoice her afterwards.
[13:28] leahbobet: And reject the book with the invoice.
[13:29] matociquala: Bah.
[13:29] matociquala: Just relax.
[13:29] matociquala: Think of all the stuff you can cut.
[13:29] leahbobet: Ooo. Lots of walking.
[13:29] leahbobet: *eyes the circular file bin*
[13:30] leahbobet: Although I'm realizing why McKillip's plots are usually so slight.
[13:30] leahbobet: It takes a long time to get where you're going in this style.
[13:30] matociquala: *g*
[13:34] cpolk: heeee
[13:35] matociquala: Giddyap!
[13:35] matociquala: ha camel!
[13:36] leahbobet: Ha book!
[13:43] matociquala: I'm picturing Leah perched up high on the hump of a bactrian, laying about with her switch
[13:44] matociquala: while the book paces over the sand dunes
[13:44] matociquala: and occasionally lows and spits.
[13:44] stillsostrange: they all low and spit
[13:44] matociquala: They do.
[13:44] matociquala: It's in their nature.
[13:44] stillsostrange: Some I think are badgers.
[13:44] stillsostrange: You think they're soft and cuddly, till they're eating your arm.
[13:45] matociquala: If there's no frigate like a book, and camels are the ships of the desert, then books are most definitely camels.
[13:45] stillsostrange: heh
[13:45] matociquala: Can you fault my logic?
[13:45] stillsostrange: That needs an icon
[13:46] leahbobet: It does.
[13:46] stillsostrange:
[13:46] stillsostrange: look at that smug face
[13:46] stillsostrange: that's a book face
[13:46] leahbobet: Yeah, that's my book.
[13:46] leahbobet: I recognize that ugly mug.
[13:47] matociquala: It's about to spit.
[13:47] matociquala: (this conversation needs to be saved for posterity)
[13:47] leahbobet: (it does)
[13:48] stillsostrange: (yes)
[13:48] stillsostrange:
[13:48] matociquala: I think this one is my book:
[13:48] matociquala:
[13:48] stillsostrange: that's interesting product placement
[13:49] leahbobet: It looks kinda mocking.
[13:49] stillsostrange: It's laughing at you
[13:49] stillsostrange:
[13:50] leahbobet: That's a trunked book.
[13:50] leahbobet: It's all embarrassed.
[13:50] matociquala: It's laughing and laughing.
[13:51] matociquala: Hmm. Caffeine and sugar make Amanda's book go!
[13:51] stillsostrange:
[13:51] stillsostrange: The one in the background is mine
[13:51] stillsostrange: ugly and mocking
[13:52] stillsostrange: If I could just find one drinking coffee
[13:52] matociquala: The one with the pepsi can is the best
[13:53] stillsostrange: Powered by caffeine

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