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two dollar high-heel shoes and a honky-tonk dress

My editor Liz was kind enough to send along a draft of the cover copy for Blood & Iron today. And since I am a terrible tease, I will share:

Roc, by the way, July 2006.


"Elizabeth Bear is talented."-Entertainment Weekly

"Bear makes the rest of us look like amateurs."-Peter Watts, author of Behemoth: Seppuku

Blood and Iron

A Novel of the Promethean Age

Elizabeth Bear

John W. Campbell Award-Winning Author of Worldwired


Blood and Iron

Elizabeth Bear


After setting the science fiction world ablaze with her trilogy of groundbreaking novels-Hammered, Scardown, and Worldwired-John W. Campbell Award-winning author Elizabeth Bear crafts a tale of modern-day magic, chronicling an invisible war between factions of a most fantastical kind...

For centuries, the human mages of the Prometheus Club and the otherworldly creatures of Faerie have battled for control over Earth's destiny with neither side capable of achieving victory over the other.

Their impasse has come to an end...

She is known as the Seeker of the Daoine Sidhe. Spellbound by the Faerie Queen, she has abducted human children for her mistress's pleasure for what seems like an eternity, unable to free herself from her servitude and reclaim her own humanity...

Seeker's latest prey is a Merlin. Named after the legendary wizard of Camelot, Merlins are not simply those who wield magic, they are magic. Now, with the Prometheus Club's agents and rivals from Faerie also vying for the favor of this being of limitless magic to tip the balance of power, Seeker must persuade the Merlin to join her cause-or else risk losing something even more precious and more important to her than the fate of humanity...

Praise for Elizabeth Bear

"A talent to watch."-David Brin, author of The Life Eaters

"Elizabeth Bear has carved herself out a fantastic little world."-SF Crowsnest

"[Bear] does it like a juggler who's also a magician."-Matthew Cheney, The Mumpsimus


[FRONT SALES - page 1 of 1]

Praise for the novels of Elizabeth Bear

"A gritty and painstakingly well-informed peek inside a future world we'd all better hope we don't get, liberally seasoned with VR delights and enigmatically weird alien artifacts...Elizabeth Bear builds her future nightmare tale with style and conviction and a constant return to the twists of the human heart."-Richard Morgan, author of Altered Carbon

"Very exciting, very polished, very impressive."-Mike Resnick, author of Starship: Mutiny

"Gritty, insightful, and daring."-David Brin, author of the Uplift novels and Kiln People

"A glorious hybrid: hard science, dystopian geopolitics, and wide-eyed sense of wonder seamlessly blended into a single book."-Peter Watts, author of Starfish and Maelstrom

"What Bear has create a world that is all too plausible, one wracked by environmental devastation and political chaos...She conducts a tour of this society's darker corners, offering an unnerving peek into a future humankind would be wise to avoid."

"It's rare to find a book with so many characters you genuinely care about. It's a roller coaster of a good thriller, too."-SF Crowsnest

"An enthralling roller-coaster ride through a dark and possible near future."-Starlog

Yep. Gettin' some mileage out of that Campbell award.


meritahut  cartooning

copperwise with a Wicked Fairy Apologist Poem 
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