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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

katallen offers an apology to Jean Charles de Menezes.

Here's why.

The moral of the story? Yes, Virginia. They can just shoot you if they happen not to like the way you look.


Yeah, 'cause we all know whiteys don't bomb things.

Ah, Jeez, forgive the comment. This kind of thing just really freaks me out.

S'okay. The sarcasm was understood.
In SA, there is such a powerful history of racial blame, that I think I'm overly sensitized now to those elements. So much so that when I read stories like this, I feel like crying, because I'm so powerless to change the way the majority of the world seems to view things (This is your cue to point at me and laugh)

I remember, after 9/11, SA Hindu girls who were in America at the time, were getting spat on in the streets. I was so angry - wrong frikking religion people! But, of course, people only saw darker skins, and took their anger out on the wrong people.

I have worked with many Muslim people, and they were uniformly horrified by the events that took place. It's too easy to lay the blame at the feet of the closest Arab you see.

whew. 'K. I'm done ranting. *g*
You know, I think some people have forgotten that Timothy McVeigh was classified as a terrorist.
...and all those happy Irish folks, too.
Yeah, all those horrible plotting conniving nasty folk.

Where's that No Fly List with the babies on it? /snark
It makes me feel like crying, too.
But the boy was as white as it is possiblz to be! And his physical type totally European... Not meaning the shooting would have been any more excusable had he be dark as a coal lump. Simply this fact underlines the complete absurdity of the situation and the madness of the policemen's reactios: they saw what they wanted to see: a fantasmatic terrorist, not the real human being in front of them.
The even more striking moral of the story is that after they kill you because they didn't happen to like the way you looked, angry right-wingers will hotly defend their right to have done so.

Including plenty of people in your own SF community.

Oh, and one more moral: if you think you're safe from this because you're not a twenty-something Muslim male, you're an idiot.
"You" in the above being the generic "you," not our admirable hostess.
*g* I got that, too.

I'm just...

...livid. Sick.

and yeah, your moral is the more accurate version.
I am so angry about this.

Or rather, I *was* angry before, when I read the original version of the events. Now more so.
Meanwhile, a horrifically well-coordinated round of bombings in Iraq, arranged to target emergency workers coming to the aid of the first round of victims.

In other words, we've graduated to using wounded as bait so we can pick off the medics. What a species.
This, sadly, isn't all that new. It happened at an abortion clinic bombing in Atlanta several years back, and in WWII American medics in the Pacific theater didn't wear the Red Cross insignia because it was as good as a bullseye to the Japanese.

It seems the only way to avoid being disappointed by humanity in general is to keep your expectations very low.
Gods this is just revolting.
Obscene. Yes.
Just ugh!
One can only hope.

unless the cops "lose" the tape

or claim it never existed, which is apparently what was happening, until ITV released the images which somebody of conscience in the Met (I gather) leaked to them.

"Oops, the cameras at that station just happened not to be on" - and someone on another blog noted that in Austin TX (yes, blue Austin) there have been several mistaken shootings of young black men at traffic stops. Traffic stops are supposed to be recorded. Somehow, the cameras just have never been working on those occasions.

Coincidence is a strange thing, isn't it?

Re: unless the cops "lose" the tape

Sceptical me is also wondering whether the whole 'he didn't have a valid visa' is not more disinformation designed to make us care less about the victim.

I had that same exact thought!

that and "he jumped the turnstile" and all the rest of the "blame the victim stuff" - some of it seemed designed to make it seem like well he was stupid it was his own fault, and then the rest of it, particularly the "maybe he was an illegal, hm?" implications, to make everyone think "ugh, not Our Sort Of People" - but that backfired too. I saw so many british bloggers going "but since when is overstaying your visa a capital offence?" perhaps b/c it isn't actually unheard of for Britons to be working in the US not quite legally, despite the fact that American bigots imagine that all foreign workers here are "bloody wogs" - we can out-Tory the Tories here, even if we're people who a hundred years ago would have been wogs oursevles, just like Representative Tom Tancredo (the guy who compounds hypocrisy by employing illegal immigrants whilst declaiming against them.)

Love your icon, btw...

the internet is the equalizer

it allows us to talk back to the two-minute Hate.
Can I please resign my membership in the human species?

From the article:
...before officers shot him seven times in the head...

Seven times? In the head? I think it's safe to say there are no circumstances on Earth that would make such an action necessary.

But maybe that's just me. And most humans (I hope).
Any thing I said previously in defense of the Met, I recant.

There is no excuse. Hopefully there will be justice.
Well, you know. It's understandable. Their story only makes them look like incompetent cops, not cold blooded fucking killers.