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coming out into the day and all that I can see--

is the red and the white of the king's army

This song has the juiciest guitar hook ever.

I had a dream last night that I was a character in a China Miéville novel. I will be accepting condolences. Yes, there was pus.

And tornadoes. And two cats in an abandoned house. Specifically, for some reason, I was in Las Vegas, except it's not Las Vegas as we know it, because there was a big rock in the sky--and when I say Big Rock, I mean, you know, V mothership disappearing in the distance haze--and people were apparently mining it out from underneath. Which was a delicate process, because you had to take as much weight off the thing as you were removing antigravity ore.

Anyway, it was much cooler under the rock.

And then there was a tornado that was really more like a lot of little itty bitty tornadoes, dust devils, but they were throwing around good sized rocks rather than dust and trash, and they were somehow provoked by the antigravity rock mining, so kit_kindred and I ran into this abandoned shack with the two cats, and it started raining pus. 

Some people's dreams have causality. Mine have random cats.

I woke up before I found out what happened.

kendwoods is reading the Bible: Sex, Violence, and Idol Worship (the shorter Judges: 19:22-30.)

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