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The clock is striking 60 if the clock is striking one.

PSA: If there's anything important going on in your life between now and November 15th, I probably won't notice unless you tell me. Thanks!

How do you dare to tell me that I'm my father's son,
When that was just an accident of birth?
I'd rather look around me, compose a better song,
For that's the honest measure of my worth.

--Jethro Tull, "Wind-Up"

In other news, you can never have too much Hugh Blumenfeld. Just saying. Some days I really wanna go all Ezra Pound all over his song "Thread City." I grew up in one of those, more or less, but mine was Rockville and not Willimantic.

And "Shoot the Moon" evokes so many of the emotions I wanted to put into the Jenny books, so very efficiently:

I saw the choppers rise out of Saigon's fall, and my fingers traced the writing on the long black wall,
And I knew there'd be no space ships in my future: I guess I was born a little too late
Or way too soon.

And on that note, shewhomust has posted a very flattering but somewhat spoilery review of Hammered and Scardown. I hope book three measures up to her standards.
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