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Sunday morning

Did a long crit for Stella this morning and wrote a little over 1500 very rough words of Scardown, including that pivotal scene I've been fretting about. I'm worried that I'm getting a little to wild and wooly with the nanotech, but then I'm nowhere near the level of stretching plausibility that say, Greg Bear (no relation) hits regularly. I'm trying to keep the focus on this more or less tight/plausible/near future stuff, which limits somewhat how clever I can be.

But I'm happy to have that scene done, because it's the turning point that marks the beginning of the long, accelerating slide to the climax of the book. The end of the middle. The beginning of the end.

Page 280. It's a good thing I have front-endian things to go back and add to this book, or it might wind up awful short. It's going to be a tad shorter than Hammered anyway, I think--probably close to 400 pages--but I'm pretty happy with how it's shaping up right now.

Some days, the writing is good.

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