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BPAL: Yggdrasil

BPAL Description:

The World Ash. Nine woods, nine leaves, and three herbs each for Ratatosk and Vidofnir, with three final herbs to placate Nidhogg.

My Notes:

Vial: a light, woody, herbal scent. Shocking, I know. I think I detect traces of sandalwood--maybe red and white?--and there's a lemony herbal scent that's a bit like melissa or lemongrass. Also, something prickly.

Wet: minty-spicy once it's on my skin, with sweet traces. It has a bit of that mossy herbal quality that Bayou has.

Drydown:  sandalwood coming out, and something spicy. It might have a touch of rosewood and cedar. This is a lovely scent right now, light and crisp and warm in a grandma's cedar-chest kind of way.

Dry: vanished. Poof. Like a wisp of smoke. Nothing left but a faint stinging spiciness, and that not smellable from any distance. Alas.

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