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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Brain full. Try Again Later.

The idea is, you take your icons, list all the people/characters who appear in them, sort alphabetically, and pair up. The fear factor is high.

1.) Abby Sciuto / Aerun Sun 
Yeah, I know some of you would pay VERY GOOD MONEY for that.

2.) Alexander Scott / Alexander Waverly
My eyes. My eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes. (This one just gets worse when you think about the meta.)

3.) Barney Collier / Beaker
They'd have plenty to talk about.

4.) (from the too good to be true files:) Ben Jonson / Byalar Crais
Hah! Oh, dear. Okay, that might get even me writing slash.

5.) Captain Jack Harkness / Chiana
Oh, like they haven't. Invented some new ways, even.

6.) Christopher Marlowe / Commander Spock
Yeah. Just sit there and let that sink in for a minute.

7.) Elvis Presley / Emma Peel
Uh huh, uh huh, I wanna thank you very much....

8.) Feathers McGraw / Fozzie Bear
As soon as the cuffs went on Fozzie knew he'd wind up somebody's bitch. But he never expected it to be a penguin.

9.) Gabriel (the Archangel) / Gromit

10.) Helen Mirren / Hunt Stockwell
She'd eat him for lunch.

11.) Ivan Trigorin / Illya Kuryakin
Yeah, and some of you would pay even BETTER money for that. And probably have.

12.) Jareth the Goblin King / John Crichton
Jareth's on top. And all of John's friends are laughing.

13.) John Steed / Ka D'argo
You know, they'd be perfect for each other...

14.) Kelly Robinson / Kermit The Frog
...what scares me, is I can see that.

15.) Mae West / Malcolm Reynolds
Well, duh. I mean like, triple duh.

16.) Marlene Dietrich / Napoleon Solo
Did I just say duh?

17.) Neil Burnside / Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
I can't even come up with something witty to say about this one. Except she might be the only female in the galaxy who could put up with his crap.

18.) Pavonia / Phil Ochs
That one just isn't amusing me.

19.) Pilot / Richard Feynman
That one... is.

20.) Rose Tyler / Scorpius
It has a certain horrible poetry to it....

21.) The Doctor / Tycho Brahe
You know, I wrote a story like that.

22.) Uisgebaugh / Oban Washburn
Poor Wash.

23.) Will Shakespeare / Willie Caine
Will has a thing for pretty spies, apparently.

24.) Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Left all alone at the end of the alphabet. And crying about it, I'm sure.


Oh dear. My brain hurts. I think I must do this.
It's kind of soothing, in a brainhurty way.
I don't know if I'm relieved or saddened that I don't have the extra icons to play with this...but I linked your list. :)
Somewhere around Pilot/Dick Feynman, you won at this meme.
It helps to have really eclectic icons. *g*
- and that was about where I started hurting myself from laughing so hard.

I did this with my own icons, and was tickled to discover that I had paired Mr. Darcy with God.
How perfect is that?
2.) Alexander Scott / Alexander Waverly

I have to admit that I am so shallow I removed Mr. Waverly from my icons page before doing this meme simply so I wouldn't have to pair him with anyone. ;-D

Plus I knew he'd come up next to Radek and just... no. Gah.
You know, all the girls love Alex. *g*
Marlowe/Spock? Oh dear lord please, brain, please stop me from exploring that one further...

As for me -- not enough icons. I'm afraid the best I can do is the all-nerd pairing of Alton Brown with Samantha Carter. Which kinda weirds me out because I swear they must have the same parents.

It hurts us. It burrrnsssssss!

Oh, wait, that's the Horta blood.
Err. My problem is that my icons are almost all me. Hmm. Ego much? Okay, there's also Cthulu in a Christmas hat, Marvin, my cat Dominic, a stuffed tyrannosaur and a mannequin from a Regent Street Christmas disply...

I gotta get some good icons.

20.) Rose Tyler / Scorpius
It has a certain horrible poetry to it....

Rose deserves that. Nobody deserves Rose, though--not even Scorpius.
That 'deserves' is not meant in a positive sense, of course...