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Sitting vigil. Reaping the whirlwind. And so forth.

sartorias on her family's reaction to television coverage of Katrina:  And everybody looks at the TV and leans left.

I am not eager to be right about this.

Especially since the next book I was thinking of writing would take place in that setting. And on strictly selfish level, I'm pretty sure I couldn't stomach writing it under those circumstances.

And this thing is a freight train the size of Florida.

(For those of you not in North America who have somehow missed this, the sixth strongest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history is bearing down on New Orleans, which is below sea level, protected by levees that will not withstand this storm, and not particularly evacuable, though they're trying. She's expected to worsen before she makes landfall Monday morning. Making Light has a roundup and speculation here: Not your usual weather disaster.)

If you're a praying type, it wouldn't hurt.

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