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APOD: Hurricane Katrina. Initial reports are that the worst-case scenario has not materialized. The eye is passing 20 miles east of NO, which means that the Big Easy gets the gentle side of the storm, and the Weather Underground guys think a catastrophic failure of the levees is less likely. The worst winds are now anticipated in the Gulfport area.

collated damage report reprinted from a comment on Jeff Master's Wunderground blog by user Orleans77:

Hotel in Harvey, LA did collapse...10 people trapped...

Evac Center in NO Collapsed..300 people stranded..Nat Guard on site...

Dome is structurally sound...the fabric that covers the dome has ripped in 2 places...this is considered minor....

Fires and building collapses are reported in NO....

Many skyscraper windows have blown out...

The levee near 9th street has been breached and there is now 6-8 feet of water in this section of NO...

The above was compiled from the last hr of watching Fox, CNN and MSNBC

There are continuing reports of flooding, and comments on Wunderground blogs indicate that there have been people caught out on highways, but details on fatalities are hard to come by. Now if the Superdome just keeps shedding roof liner and not chunks of structure...

And if I could get my hands on that bitch on CNN who was haranguing that local reporter, trying to get her to condemn the "complacency" of those who did not evacuate, I'd give her and her superior middle-class complacency a thing or two to contemplate. Man, that got right up my nose.

Because it's easy to evacuate if you don't have a car or money for a motel, or if you're too ill to travel.

ETAsuricattus has email reports from an emergency worker.

On a lighter note, feyandstrange links movie files compiled from images made by the MESSENGER spacecraft as it performed a gravity assisted swing by the Earth on its way out. The best bit--the telling detail--is the reflection of the sun in the Pacific ocean.
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