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More exposition. Today on Lesa Pretoria Explains it All, realpolitik, New Amazonian style.

I just glanced at my work log, and now I know why I'm so burned out and so sick of this book. I've been working on it intermittently since January, and it's been a slog the whole damned time. And I've written a quarter of a million words already this year. Not counting revisions.

I'm REALLY Looking forward to that vacation. Of course, vacation in this context means not having another novel draft due until August 2006. I owe two short stories, though, and a novel proposal, and I have a bunch more shorts backlogged that I want to write, and I'll have revisions on Carnival and Whiskey & Water to do in that time, and galleys on both of those and Blood & Iron, and I want to get The Stratford Man revised so I can have it ready to go out.

I figure if I'm lucky I can do that and just noodle with research and whatever else entertains me from oh, November to April, and then get started on the fifth novel for Spectra, which has now grown the working title Undertow.

Um. Yes, this is my idea of a six-month vacation. Why do you ask?

Progress notes for 29 August 2005:


New Words: 1,715
Total Words: 61,189 / 73,000
Pages: 292

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
73,000 / 110,000
Reason for stopping: quota, and end of scene
Mammalian Assistance:  Marlowe is on my desk right this second.
Stimulants: Constant Comment
Exercise: none. Really must walk tonight.
Mail: cheque and contract from On Spec
Today's words Word don't know: muddleheadedness
Words I'm surprised Word do know: beholden, junta
Tyop du jour: n/a
Darling du jour: n/a
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Richard Overy, Russia's War: A History of the Soviet War Effort, 1941-1945;  Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels;
Books read: Louise Welsh, Tamburlaine Must Die
Mean things: I was pretty much unmean today.
Other writing-related work: Finished the editing pass on Blood & Iron. Off it goes this afternoon.
Interesting tidbits: n/a
Tags: carnival, progress notes

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