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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Via arcaedia:

When the Levee Breaks meme

I challenge everyone reading this - if they haven't already - to donate at least $25 (more is good!) to the Red Cross to help in their disaster relief effort.

Here's the link to make a credit card contribution: https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp

Then, cut and paste this in your journal and pass it on.


sartorias offers the following:

For the assistance of companion animals affected by the disaster:



MSNBC is now reporting that some hospitals in New Orleans have "no life support capability." The backup generators have failed.

And I'm heading home from the Media Fishbowl now, to go hug my husband and pets. Be careful out there.


Nice to see that the looters aren't letting something like 20ft of water stopping them from their chosen activities. *SIGH*
Yeah, it looks like more seious looting is going on now, at least in Alabama. Bread and cheese is one thing. Televisions? Something else.
*nod* indeed. I won't begrudge stranded folks taking food from the local stores - heck, the stuff's going to be written off and those people *need* it. But jewelry and VCRs? Not so essential...
That's a challenge I'll gladly accept.

I'd just gotten things paid off from Freeport, so what better use of an empty credit card balance!

Seriously, I can imagine the conditions inside the Super Dome right now. Ya just gotta hope that no one came in with anything of the airborne infectious variety.
Good man.
I'm eyeing my car repairs warily, but I've already signed up to donate blood (next Tuesday-- it's not quite the same as 9/11, when it was more relevant, but there'll still be accidents of the blood-draining variety), and I'll figure out what all I can donate once my car's straightened out.
*nod* Seems like a logical plan.
done and done