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Hurricane Katrina Relief: Poppy Z. Brite and family (unofficial) (updated and moved back to the top)

At the suggestion of mekkavandexter, (Amber van Dyk, Ideomancer editor, short fiction writer extraordinaire, and docbrite fan), I am pimping a highly unofficial cause here today. As some of you know, docbrite was forced to evacuate from her home in New Orleans, leaving behind most of a large family of rescue animals.

For those of us who participate in animal rescue, this is an unimaginable grief. We tell ourselves every time that we can make a difference for this one, that this animal who has suffered--usually a good deal--will be safe and protected now. We talk about "forever homes" and we suffer for the ones we could not save.

She wasn't going to go. She was going to stay with her animals, and she was talked into leaving in the 11th hour, and I for one am glad.

But there's no telling what she's going to come home to.

Like many writers, Ms. Brite lives on a shoestring, and money is always an issue. So we thought it would be a nice idea to take up a collection for her and her critters, to assist with the inevitable and scary expenses.

Right now, because Amber hasn't yet worked out how to get the funds to Ms. Brite, she's only taking pledges. The email address is Eventually, there will be a paypal address, but considering that Ms. Brite is mid-evacuation, it doesn't seem the time to bug her about it.

ETA greygirlbeast confirms the following paypal address for donations to Ms. Brite:

Please note: Ms. Brite is totally innocent of this, and has absolutely no knowledge of our efforts. If she should happen to refuse the assistance, any monies donated will be forwarded to Noah's Wish.

Please feel free to link or pass along this information.

ETA Pursuant to above, in comments feyandstrange offers a link to Ms. Brite's Cat Food Donation Paypal Account.

I suspect she would not mind a boost about now.

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