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Have you seen my reporter?

(from nihilistic_kid)

The Times-Picayune has lost contact with Leslie Williams, a reporter who was to cover the hurricane on the Mississippi Coast. Because our phones failed in New Orleans, we were unable to communicate with Leslie and he may not know that we are in Baton Rouge at LSU. If anyone ran across Leslie, please contact [managing editor Peter Kovacs] at 225-578-9880. [His] cellphone is 504-352-5550 but it is still balky. [His] email is Leslie is experienced at covering hurricanes and is a native of the Mississippi coast. His mother still lives there and he sometimes stays with her.

Pass it on.


For the move of Mike, his editor is looking for him! Do you know how rare that is?


In another brilliant moment of Primate Misappropriation, Making Light reports that survivors are using Craig's List New Orleans Lost-And-Found section as an informal check in site.
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