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BPAL: Midnight

Freebie imp. The florals scare me a bit.

BPAL Description:

An ethereal bouquet of night-blooming flowers. Evening primrose, ruellia, flowering nicotiana, wild petunia, panani-o-kai, night phlox, night gladiolus, moonflower and the elusive scent of Nottingham Catchfly.

My Notes:

Vial:  A perfumy scent, and one that I'm not finding particularly pleasant

Wet:  Better on the skin. I can't pick out any particular notes, but it's a bit rancidly sweet. Oddly enough, I like it somewhat, possibly because of the rancidness. It smells like whole heaps of crushed flowers.

Drydown:  fading fast to a kind of generic warm floral

Dry:  Smells like shower gel.

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