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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I missed her name.

But the NBC Nightly News, which is what we happened to have the sound turned up at the bullpen today, had a short segment on a woman at the New Orleans Convention Center. She's a registered nurse. She is the only health care professional at the Convention Center, where New Orleans' homeless have been told to converge and found no services, no security,and no way to get out.

She was there as a civilian.

Without supplies, without assistance, treating everyone she could, begging medication from bystanders to suit each new crisis.

There's your American hero, Mr. Bush.

I hope Condi spared a thought for her during the intermission of Spamalot. If, God help us, that rumor is true.

Though I really hope it's not.


In a case of moderately fortunate timing, the National Association of EMT's just completed their annual expo in New Orleans. It officially ended on the 27th but based on some reports, I think many attendees stayed in the city to sightsee and then got stuck there. Not necessarily lucky for them, but it meant more people were in the city who could help.
I think I heard thatwoman (whose name escapes me--Tishia something, I believe) on CNN earlier this evening myself. She was awesome.

Also, the head of FEMA told Paula Zahn that they had only heard about the people at the convention center today--and Zahn's response was a barely concealed "WTF? Isn't that your job?"
This morning (or maybe afternoon, I'm losing track) on NPR there was someone from FEMA claiming ignorance of the situation at the Convention Center, while their own reporter was explaining, with barely-controlled emotion, just what he'd seen. The guy from FEMA seemed pretty doubtful about the reports, which made me want to airlift him into the CC.

I saw the nurse on MSNBC, yelling for insulin as a girl went into diabetic shock. Somehow, insulin appeared. That woman, and the people who found the medicine, saved her life, at least for now.

I just...can't believe this is happening in the richest country in the world. I'm veering between heartbreak and anger and helplessness. WTF sums it up, I guess.
This morning (or maybe afternoon, I'm losing track) on NPR there was someone from FEMA claiming ignorance of the situation at the Convention Center, while their own reporter was explaining, with barely-controlled emotion, just what he'd seen.

It was this afternoon, I heard the story too. The reporter was describing, to the FEMA guy, in tones of utter outrage, what he'd just witnessed, and the FEMA guy just kept saying "The evacuees at the dome are being taken care of, they have food and water, they are being evacuated..." He seemed to not have a clue about the Convention Center. And on top of that, we all know, from watching news reports, that even the claim about the dome is simply not true.

I was appalled. Utterly appalled.
I heard that report, too, and I only restrained myself from screaming at the radio in horror and frustration because the kids were in the car and I didn't want to frighten them.

He tried to claim ignorance on the news *tonight* after he'd been told about it at least once *this afternoon*? Good for Paula, for once...I have to go find a clip of that now.

Not so far, but I'll leave a comment for you here if I do find it.
It was indeed. I hope you get a chance to see it, because it's a beautiful example of someone speaking truth to power.

Thank you so much.

sorry, I misposted

below I mention that it turns out Brown totally fucked up his last job, the one on the website, running the International Arabian Horse Association. Disgruntled IAHA members have reported that he nearly ran the organization into the ground.

Re: sorry, I misposted


You know, patronage jobs almost never work out well.
I'm so glad she got the insulin. I read this post of matociquala's and immediately thought of Lois McMasters Bujold's "The Borders of Infinity", where the incredibly bitter medic in the POW camp says something like, "I could save his life if I had a compression splint. Do you have a compression splint? I used to think I was a healer, but now I realize that I'm just an interface for technology."
I still haven't heard from the Red Cross, by the way. I'll call them again when I get back from NYC, but this is not giving me a lot of confidence in how on-the-ball they are.
Oh, for the goddamned LOVE OF MIKE.

slithytove suggests
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Oh, for the goddamned LOVE OF MIKE.

<lj user="slithytove"> suggests <a href="http://www.mercycorps.org/"Mercy Corps</a> as a superior alternative to the Red Cross, but I dunno what their volunteer process is.
I don't know what their volunteer process is, either, but I second the recommendation. They are one class act.
There also is a story going around that Condi was seen buying very expensive shoes today in New York City. If that one is true... Snarl.

Just In: the director of FEMA was fired from IAHA

for gross incompetence.

That's right, Mike Brown, an estate planning lawyer and Friend of Bush who was given the job of organizing Emercency management in this country - the job on his resume, running the International Arabian Horse Association - he screwed it up so badly he nearly ran them into the ground, according to Arabian horse fancers who have responded seeing his name up there in lights now. There's a dKos diary on the rec list about this now.

So it's not really surprising that the Secretary of State is out enjoying NYC while the VP is AWOL and AWOL bleats in front of the camera just before. It's the Roman Empire all over again.

Re: I don't know if I want to make you even more angry

I respect the man for blogging through all this, and for getting the information out, but I can't quite stomach linking him for personal reasons that have nothing to do with his politics and far more to do with derogatory comments made about women in older posts.

Besides, everybody already seems to know about him and he's been mentioned four or six times in the comments here. *g* So I don't exactly feel as if I'm suppressing the information that he's out there.

Re: I don't know if I want to make you even more angry

*nod* You're absolutely correct. I just have moral qualms about appearing to endorse him.

More on the condi story if this is a suitable link. If you don't like the politics, just delete the comment.
I never delete comments due to politics. When I have some moral qualms about linking somebody due to the implied approval of expressed opinions that I find untenable, it applies to *my* discomfort in implying that approval.

It's a moral issue, not one of speech suppression.
I lose again. I give up. Sorry.
Huh? No, it was an interesting link, and no more snarky than she deserves, I think. I was trying to explain why I'm uncomfortable linking that other guy.

Not *everything* is a personal attack, my friend. *g*