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Link salad one more time.

Snopes weighs in on the looting/finding conversation.

stwish on worst-case scenarios. (This isn't it.)

Poems in space.

Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey are putting together a grassroots relief effort for SFF fans displaced by Katrina. Wil Wheaton has details.

It's the delta, stupid. (requires registration, y'all know about, right? right. although the NYT has never spammed me.)

Jennifer Jackson on the agent/author relationship.

A bunch of people have linked interdictor, who's blogging from the ground in New Orleans, and suggested I do the same. I've been resisting doing so because of various personal moral qualms--I, frankly, feel uneasy appearing to endorse this gentleman or his politics--but I also have moral qualms about *not* linking him. So, there it is, with disclaimers. If you poke back into the pre-Katrina blog, there are some opinions expressed about women in particular with which I am distinctly uneasy, but he has got the Libertarian survivalist view from the ground, and his information's very current.
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