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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

BPAL: Gaueko

BPAL Description:

The Basque God of Night and all the perils of the darkness. Though he is the God of the Danger that Lurks in the Gloom, he is kind to men and warns them against the nighttime hazards and sets rules of conduct for both the living and the dead as they travel through his domain. It is said that since the warm, vibrant daylight is for the living, the abodes of night are reserved for the dead. All who heed his counsel are protected, but woe be to any man that disobeys the laws of Gaueko: he is swift to punish those that would scorn his advice. Blackened sandalwood and misty lavender, with curling wisps of smoky tobacco, nag champa, and labdanum.

My Notes:

Vial:  smoke. it smells like an ashtray, frankly, although one that's been used for knocking out pipe dottle and not cigarette ash.

Wet:  smoke and lavender, sharp and acrid. Maybe an undertone of the sandalwood and nag champa. This smells like my mother, oddly enough, in all her cigarette-smoking, sandalwood-wearing, incense-burning glory.

Or possibly this smells the way I thought "Fallen" should smell. (Although I love the way "Fallen" really does smell, mind you.)

How odd.

Drydown:  The lavender dries off, leaving smoke, mostly, with sweet undercurrents.

Dry:  I feel like I should be crooning torch songs in a smoky bar. I think this is a keeper, even though I don't really like it, because it's evocative and oddly soothing.

Probably because it smells like my mother.



I really enjoy reading these adventures in scent!

(dummy question, tho, what does BPAL mean?) :)
OOOOOOOOO neat! thanks! :)
*passes the crack pipe*
ONOOOOOOO not more crack!! ;) *weak*

I make some of my own scents, too... nothing as intricate as BPAL, tho.