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December 2021



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bear by san

ETA: nihilistic_kid punctures the 24-hour cable news monster, which needs it some puncturing.

bearsir's peptalk (via misia)

scott_lynch on largesse, not.

Tobias Buckell on hurricane relief in the Caribbean.

From the Times-Picayune, officially the best newspaper in America as of today:

National Guard caravans are coming in. (for those who asked, there are updates on the fires in this article.) Rescuers have made it to the Convention Center and Charity Hospital. A refugee bus from the Superdome overturned on the highway, killing one. Houston opening more refugee centers, Texas being in a position to remember Galveston as well as the Alamo. The only time you will ever see these words here: Go, Texas.

Various other stories here. Including Forest Service plans to fight fires in the affected areas, and Hastert's attempts to rescind yesterday's bon mot.

The worst may, in fact, be over. Now the heartbreak and the hard work begin.


copperwise on disaster planning for the poor.

stwish on Black Americans: "for good and sufficient reasons, hate, fear and distrust white Americans in general and the government in particular. If this is news to you, you need remedial brain work."

klostes: disaster guidelines. This makes a nice double bill with copperwise's post.

batagur reprints Leon Wynter.


Thanks for all the links. I've been keeping caught up via the political blogs and twistedchick but you've been sharing some wonderful writing with these posts. I linked to the one about Halliburton in my own journal; I hope that's ok with you. I hadn't seen that today.
Oh, my pleasure. And no, I don't mind at all.
There are also reports that evacuees in some communities are not acting in a law-abiding fashion, unfortunately. I just found this:


Which falls into the category of jesusfuck, and I'm a pagan.
I know.

The only time you will ever see these words here: Go, Texas.
Heh. I may not be very fond of my elected government (I didn't vote for all those young conservative white guys!) but the people here, the people are grand! How 'bout Go Texans?
Some of my best friends are Texans. *g* So you'll never hear an unkind word about the people here.
Among the disgusting news I'm finding this morning,
  • National Guard & Homeland Security won't let the Red Cross into New Orleans
  • FEMA wouldn't give permission to airdrop food
  • Feds delayed the paperwork for other states to send their Natl Guard troops for days and here
  • rumors that all helicopter flights were grounded during Bush's visit (that means moving patients, food delivery, search & rescue)

    Damn, but I hope this administration goes down hard for this criminal incompetence. It won't make up for any of the loss and suffering, but... damn
  • Apparently the idea is if they give people any services in the city they won't evacuate.

    Helping them survive until the means to evacuate arrive seems to be a lesser priority.

    Perhaps they should take control of the situation and walk to Memphis, like responsible refugees..

    Stop Death Tax Repeal: Is this the time for a tax cut?

    Email your senator and stop the vote. Decisions are made by those who show up. It's time for ALL OF US to show up and demand that logic, not greed, rule the day:


    Senate Finance Committee members were informed this morning that Sen. Bill Frist will move forward with a vote to permanently repeal the estate tax next week, likely on Tuesday, ThinkProgress has learned.

    One stands in awe of Sen. Frist's timing. Permanently repealing the
    estate tax would be a major blow to the nation's charities. The
    nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has "found that the estate tax
    encourages wealthy individuals to donate considerably more to charity
    , since estate tax liability is reduced through donations made both
    during life and at death." If there were no estate tax in 2000, for
    example, "charitable donations would have been between $13 billion to
    $25 billion lower than they actually were."

    ADDED: Take a moment to read this Newsweek article: A Colossal Failure of Leadership. You'll note a mention of the death tax repeal at the bottom of the article. Mind you, it's the ONLY mention I've found on any major media sites today.