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ETA: nihilistic_kid punctures the 24-hour cable news monster, which needs it some puncturing.

bearsir's peptalk (via misia)

scott_lynch on largesse, not.

Tobias Buckell on hurricane relief in the Caribbean.

From the Times-Picayune, officially the best newspaper in America as of today:

National Guard caravans are coming in. (for those who asked, there are updates on the fires in this article.) Rescuers have made it to the Convention Center and Charity Hospital. A refugee bus from the Superdome overturned on the highway, killing one. Houston opening more refugee centers, Texas being in a position to remember Galveston as well as the Alamo. The only time you will ever see these words here: Go, Texas.

Various other stories here. Including Forest Service plans to fight fires in the affected areas, and Hastert's attempts to rescind yesterday's bon mot.

The worst may, in fact, be over. Now the heartbreak and the hard work begin.


copperwise on disaster planning for the poor.

stwish on Black Americans: "for good and sufficient reasons, hate, fear and distrust white Americans in general and the government in particular. If this is news to you, you need remedial brain work."

klostes: disaster guidelines. This makes a nice double bill with copperwise's post.

batagur reprints Leon Wynter.

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