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link salad for breakfast

David McCallum, still aging backwards. (The man turns 72 next week. He's the cute little blond in the back.) It's gotta be the picture of Dick Clark in his attic....

spirit_rover made it all the way up that big big hill. She's the Little Rover That Could.

On the continuing emerging American Hero watch, Jabbar Gibson.

Comet Hale-Bopp over Val Parola Pass

and NPR reports the NOLA Convention Center is empty.


Tobias Buckell mentions that "Bill Clinton said he'd 'assault Hastert if he'd been in the room when he said New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt,' " and all I can picture is Hilary, Al, and Chelsea holding Bill back while he froths and lunges against their arms.

"Bill, Bill, your heart--Bill, look at the intern, Bill... Bill!"

Also, he (with extensive quotes from Michelle Malkin) and a number of other people have pointed out how convenient it is that incompetence with regard to the Louisiana debacle is bipartisan (the FEMA and DHS guys and of course the current administration are Republicans, but Louisiana's governor is a Democrat.)

This may make eventual accountability and putting systems in place to prevent this kind of a massive failure of aid in the future more feasible, because everybody's neck is in the noose. This isn't about finger pointing, folks.

This is about saving these lives the next time this happens. It's been 99 years since San Francisco and 105 years since Galveston, and surely somebody other than the good people of Texas should remember Galveston after a mere century.

twistedchick is doing massive link roundups, for those who still need them.

crooked_timber is at the Houston Convention Center

Of course, this comes among reports of a shift in the course of the Ganges, inundating local villages, for which I cannot find an online source yet. (Google News takes a while to catch up sometimes.) I hope some help gets to those people quickly.
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