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buymeaclue likes to ask, "What are you going to do about it?"

kit_kindred has posted an email from a friend who was working disaster relief in the Gulf. It may be triggery. Or just heartbreaking.

I've heard from another family friend, who is working at the Knoxville Red Cross Service Center. And that was a message of hope. I've asked permission to repost it here, so it may be forthcoming.

zdashamber has a recipe for pie. mekkavandexter! fudge brownie pie!

And I'm doing something about it.

As many of you probably know, my short story published at Strange Horizons, "Two Dreams on Trains," involves a future New Orleans which is not so much underwater as floating on it. I'm currently working on getting together permissions and artwork to put together a limited-edition chapbook of this story and other shorts by SFF writers involving the Gulf coast, all proceeds to benefit Mercy Corps and Habitat for Humanity relief efforts for Katrina victims. The chapbook will feature cover art by stillsostrange, each one will be signed by the authors in question--and hand-decorated by me--and I (and possibly my co-conspirators) will absorb all the costs of production, which means that the entire cover price will go to charity.

Interested authors can contact me, but at this point I'm only looking for previously published stories and poems, and stories specifically involving the affected areas of the Gulf coast in some meaningful way, and this project does not pay. And might, in fact, require you to chip in for copying costs. *g* And there may not be any room in the chapbook anyway, as we will of needs be keeping it slim and trim.

I'll handle the typesetting and so forth. I used to do that for a living in my mis-spent youth, and can probably still find my way around Pagemaker if I have to.

I'm thinking at this point that the press run will be around 250-500 copies, unless the response is overwhelming, and the suggested donation will be $20.00-but-we'll-take-more.

And yes, you can sign up now, but no money yet please.
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