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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Arlen Spector is taking Roberts to task regarding Roe v. Wade?

When did the timestream fork? We don't get fog here in Las Vegas....


I was more than a little shocked by a lot of Sen. Spector's questions. Pleased, but shocked.
The far-right of the Republican party has spent time since the November elections trying to screw Spector over for not towing the Bush line all the time, so this may well be payback for that.
Did I just here somewhere else that Bush actually took responsibility for something? Where are we?
It might be an alcoholic fugue. Somebody check and see if Duke Hunter S. Thompson is still dead.

warn me next time, please?
What'd I do?
Oh, he phrased it very carefully so as not to actually admit responsibility for much: "To the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility," Bush said. (from MSNBC.com) Sounds to me like he was basically saying he didn't think the federal government didn't do its job.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who read that story! It completely killed my ability to appreciate fog.

This is not a good liability for someone who lives in the Seattle area.
Hee. I wrote a paper on that story, god help me. *g*
From Specter's own web site:

I am personally opposed to abortion, but I am a supporter of a woman's right to choose.
Have you had a sudden influx of blimps? rysmiel has a theory that airships form as a byproduct of alternate histories splitting off.
The left has stereotyped and demonized Arlen Specter since the Clarence Thomas hearings. He isn't what they think he is.

Specter is not a conservative ideologue. He a practical politician, an opportunist, and a survivor. He has survived by arbitraging the various interest groups in Pennsylvania, a state that is very liberal (Philadelphia), very conservative (central Pennsylvania), and moderate (Pittsburgh area). This is difficult. It means being all things to all men. Another Republican politician, Rick Santorum, has apparently failed at this by drifting too far off to the right, is polling poorly, and may well be defeated in 2006.

Specter is adept as tip-toeing across the swamp, using alligators as stepping stones.

What he isn't adept at, is draining the swamp.1

I am not a huge fan of Specter. His main virtue is honesty. The man is not corrupt, in a state in which corruption is common. But because he has to juggle such different constituent groups, he often seems to stand for nothing but the status quo.

1. Note to self: find a different metaphor for societal problems, now that swamps have gotten a PR firm and have been renamed 'wetlands'.
He has always been pro-choice.