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One of the surest signs that I'm getting near the end of a book is that the next book starts pushing and shoving to get out of my head, usually with a few short stories for company.

Anyway, the next book looks to be an SF novel tentatively titled Undertow, whose protagonists include a conjure man, a deaf and dumb boy, a grifter junkie girl, and a man who kills for a living.

Billie's Bones                               Janis Ian
Blinded by the Sun                       Everlast
Cities In Dust                               Siouxsie & The Banshees
Crocodile Man                            Chris Smither    
Crossroads                                  Tracy Chapman
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues       Emmylou Harris 
Goodnight Moon                          Shivaree
Gypsy                                          Fleetwood Mac
Gypsy                                          Suzanne Vega
Gypsy Love Songs                       Richard Thompson
Hoist That Rag                             Tom Waits
I Been Hoodood                          Dr. John
If I Was Your Man                       Joan Osborne
John Gris                                      Dr. John
King Of Bohemia                          Richard Thompson
Love for Sale                                Dr. John
Make You Feel My Love              Joan Osborne
Man In The Long Black Coat        Joan Osborne  
Peek A Boo                                  Siouxsie and The Banshees  
Pro-Girl                                        Janis Ian
Spider Web                                  Joan Osborne
St. James Infirmary                        Doc & Merle Watson 
St. James Infirmary                        Dr. John
St. James Infirmary                        Peter Mulvey     
St. Teresa                                     Joan Osborne
The Gypsy                                    Boiled in Lead  
The Gypsy Life                             John Gorka
The Trouble With Andre               Shakespeare's Sister 
Threadbare Gypsy Soul                Pat Green & Willie Nelson 
Train Home                                  Chris Smither     
Witchy Red                                  Dr. John

I'm going to be writing a George Alec Effinger book.

I so didn't need this.

Well, at least it has a swamp.


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