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If you could read my mind:

Why do we call it opposite gender, anyway? Shouldn't it be complementary gender?

(If we are assuming, for the sake of argument, that gender is a binary?)

248 pages in to the first revision readthrough of Whiskey & Water. Probably at least one more readthrough to go this time around, maybe two, and then of course another two or three or four for post-editorial-comment revision, and the CEM, and the page proofs. This is why I refuse to write books that don't entertain me. A lot.

I'm poking at it and trying to make room. Moved one scene that serves to introduce two of the CAST OF THOUSANDS earlier in the book, then subdivided the chapter I took it out of into the two neighboring chapters, with happier results for all. Not sure how to better establish the character stakes, thus bringing forward the tension. Other than just coming out and saying "What this character wants from this situation is a wet floppy kiss. Or similar."

Perhaps I shall do that. It's omni. I could. Just out and say "This is the Archangel Fred, and what he wants is a big wet floppy puppy-dog kiss from God."

That's a for example.

His name isn't actually Fred.

Kit still mad that Matthew is heterosexual. Poor Kit.

I've cut about six hundred words and put about three hundred different ones in. Have re-learned that I am not a deductive reasoner. Rather than laying out sticks end to end, to lead people to a conclusion and through a story, I take a pile of sticks, lay them out, and say "Voila!" and there is a picture.

Pointillist writing. I am so inductive I can't even explain things in a linear fashion.

It's great fun, for that Voila! moment (when I run role playing games, there's always this moment I love, when the players all, suddenly, get it. I live for that. I have a special evil grin, just for moments like that.)

I maybe just need to work on a better line of patter to keep the laying out part more interesting, because I'm not sure I want to write linear plots. It's not a bug, goddammit. It's a feature.

Meanwhile, I need to figure out how to establish these characters' stakes in a more definitive fashion. Right. Stakes. Channels inner Vlad Dracula. "The impalements shall continue until morale improves!"

I'll give them stakes.

Darlings du jour: 

The office was cluttered, overcrowded, inefficiently wired and four floors from the mass spectrometer....


She'd seen worse, but not recently. "You think it's Fae."

"We don't have wolverines in New York City," he said.

The Eddas books are bothering me. They need to go away for a while; not only do I not have time to rewrite a not-a-trilogy from scratch, but I don't have anyplace to sell them if I did.

But Mingan is so cute when he blinks at me that way. And all the lovely ponytailed tough boys give me the eyebrow. And Muire explained to me last night how I could actually write All the Windwracked Stars in first-person omniscient. And be justified. Limelight-hogging wench.

At least if I published those, people would be justified in saying I was writing Shadowrun fanfiction. Well, Shadowrun without any elves, dwarves, orks, or, well, any of the things that make Shadowrun Shadowrun.

Shadowrun by way of Zelazny.

With waelcyrge and einherjar and Fenris Sun-Eater.

Sure. Just like Shadowrun.

Shit, they're not going to leave me alone.

I need more tea.
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