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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


I'm showing too much, and not telling enough.

I did just cut a page and a half of pretty that wasn't doing anything useful, though.

No more mannered books. Ever.


I just cut the seventieth page out of the current novel.

Heartfelt sympathies.
*g* I'm kind of going after this one with an adze right now. Hoe, hoe, hoe....

*passes the beer*
"No more mannered books. Ever."

Yeah, you say that now, but just you wait, some mannered book will crawl into your brain, shake its sexy self at you, and you'll be swept off your feet by the shiny. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but sooner or later...
for the idiots in the audience, could you define "mannered book"?
As opposed to visceral ones.

A mannered narrative is a bit stately and it tends to conceal its emotion, to make a pretense that really, that didn't hurt a bit.

Blame this on not enough caffiene or sleep:

The book of Bear is long and mannered,
And full pretense that it doesn't hurt a bit.
But I love it when you show me things,
and you can show me anything.

Re: Blame this on not enough caffiene or sleep:

I'm showing too much, and not telling enough.

I think this sentence could be improved if you showed us you were showing too much, rather than just telling us.
see icon.
I was kind of hoping for the facepalm one.
Ah well.
For a brief moment, I thought you might alternate ill-mannered books with good-mannered ones.

They're all unmannerly. Bastards.
No more mannered books. Ever.


::makes a straight face::

::loses it:: Bwahahaha!

Once you've done it once, it'll happen again. Trust me. Fred reaches for every tool you've got in the box, and there's no telling her she can't use one.

Yeah, we'll see how the damned muse types with broken fingers. *g*
About as well as you would without a muse?

Though, given what I've written about them, muses seem remarkably forgiving of artists.



Current Music: Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumors

What? Not the Johnny Cash version? Because he thought it was so touching, you know -- everyone having their own personal Jesus.

Re: Shocked

Actually, I love the Johnny Cash version of "Personal Jesus." (Different song, FWIW). And his version of "Hurt" is so much better than the NiN version it's not even funny.

Re: Shocked

I love his "One", too, though not more than the original.

Re: Shocked

Oh, I haven't hard that. He does an absolutely tremendous version of "Redemption Song," and versions of "Heart of Gold" and "I Won't Back Down" that do not suck.

I don't like a lot of his country very much, simply because I'm very fussy about country, but really, he was a performer of surprising range.

I always kind of figured that, unlike Trent, Cash had earned the right to sing "Hurt" without it seeming like gothboi posturing.

They don't let a woman kill you--

Having just found the Cash version of "Bird on a Wire," I'm now wishing
he'd done "Tower of Song." Just because I want to hear Johnny Cash sing:

I said to Hank Williams how lonely does it get?
Hank Williams hasn't answered me yet.
But I can hear him coughing all night long,
About a hundred floors above me in the tower of song.

Re: Shocked

I was very torn between Johnny and DM's "Personal Jesus" for my Nyarlathotep CD. I still have not resolved the issue to my satisfaction.
I'm showing too much, and not telling enough.

If only I had your problems.

Re: I'm also confused.

The problem is too much literary-style demonstrating the emotion without actually discussing it enough. Which is making stuff feel externalized. Alas.