bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

Half a book done, about. I've just finished chapter fourteen, out of twenty-nine, and am on page 323 out of 659.

I went back over those troublesome early chapters again, added what will hopefully be the necessary internalizations, cut about a thousand words and added them all back in. I'm still hard up against my word limit... but I'm finding less to tweak as the book goes on.

Of course, if I am a lucky Bear, I will have a nice note from arcaedia tomorrow with some new things to fix.

I also just reread the first chapter of the rough draft of Carnival, and man it needs work.

Fortunately, I have the time to give it some.


What creates your word limit?
My contract. *g*
Oh--one of those.

Half already! Wow. Bear is hard at work! *envies, looking at her measly 25 pages a day*
This is the easy revision. *g* And I'm putting in about eight hours a day at it.

Re: book recs?

I'm thinking, but I'm not sure how much use I'll be. *g* Have you tried him on autopope's stuff? How about kristine_smith?

Re: book recs?



Re: book recs?

Okay, I'll grant you that God-Emperor was actually readable. But not that it was, yanno, good.


Re: book recs?

benrosenbaum and I had a long discussion about the metaphysics of infinite Duncan Idahos and infinite Captain Kirks--the transporter as the ultimate weapon: all you do is keep replicating infinite ships and crews, but unfortunately, in the process you speed up the heat death of the universe--that I am going to turn into a short story someday. *g*

Douglas Adams has beaten us all

Echoes of Lintillas.

Half a book, half a book,
half a book onward,
All in the valley of ink
wandered the mind of Bear.
Forward the writing bent!
Have something for th'agent
Into the valley of ink
plunged on the mind of Bear.

Forward the writing bent!
Take what the muse has sent
Her darlings decedent
Sparing no kind of care.
Charged on through writer's block,
Boldly she wrote no schlock,
Returned illiterates' mock
Into the valley of ink
Danced on the mind of Bear.

Critics to right of her,
critics to left of her,
critics in front of her
gave her some kind of stare.
Storm'd at with damn and hell
Nominees who'd written well
All eyes on the Campbell
Into the valley of ink
Charged on the mind of Bear.


(I don't usually write doggerel, but my punchy mind latched on to "half a book done" this morning, and produced this. Hope you don't mind.)
That's darling. *g*