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BPAL: Hecate

(courtesy of Yoon)

BPAL Description:

Magnificent three-faced Goddess of Magic, the Dark Moon and the Crossroads. She is the Mother of Witches, and the midnight baying of hounds is her paean. Her compassion is evidenced in her role as Psychopomp for Persephone, and her wrath manifests as Medea's revenge. Deep, buttery almond layered over myrrh and dark musk.

My Notes:

Vial:  Amaretto! Maybe musky amaretto. *g* Just a little.

Wet:  musk, but not bitter--sweet. a little bit prickly in my nose, but not in a way I dislike. kind of butter cookies with clove, maybe.

Drydown:  alas, all that lovely almondy goodness is going to musk. And pretty faint musk, at that.

Dry:  Alas, the Hecate has become nothing but black musk. At least it's nice black musk and not the icky nose wrinkly kind

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