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So the Darwin award is only if you kill yourself, right?

So what's this?

(direct from the closed caption capture)

[5:14:45]  a careless customer is being
[5:14:46]  blamed for destroying mexico's
[5:14:47]  most famous fireworks market.
[5:14:48]  most of the fireworks market
[5:14:51]  was engulfed in flames,
[5:14:52]  setting off a chain reaction of
[5:14:55]  explosions.
[5:14:55]  vendors say a customer who had
[5:14:57]  just bought fireworks,
[5:15:09]  lit one and threw it.
[5:15:09]  about stands and 23 trucks were
[5:15:10]  destroyed in a series of
[5:15:11]  explosions that reduced the
[5:15:11]  huge fireworks complex to a
[5:15:12]  ple of rubble.
[5:15:12]  three people were seriously
[5:15:13]  hurt.
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