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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

would it be so wrong to eat this with a spoon, like Anne of Green Gables?

I am fortunate that kit_kindred has received a care package from an acquaintance, which involves several kinds of home-made preserve, including tomato. Fortunate, because kit_kindred does not sully his finely-honed system with vegetable matter, which means the stuff in the jars in mine, mine, mine.

Now, please understand, this isn't pickled green tomatoes or any other weirdness. This is a lovely, jewel-pink sweet preserve made with tomatoes. It's rich, sweet, faintly acidic, with cooked-transparent bits of tomatoes floating in it.

I must learn canning. Must.

And no, I'm not sharing. Get your own. *g*


That just reminded me that I got ground cherry jam from my mother in law. And the husband is Not Home.

All mine! :D
The Ball Blue Book is the *Mastering The Art* of canning. It tells you everything you need to know for a long time.
Thank you!

First, I need a real kitchen, of course.

This (rented, evil, loathed and hated) house has a 1950's Kitchen Of The Future. Suitable for warming TV dinners. Making toast is problematic because there's not enough counter space.


Canning is actually really easy, but it does take space. :-P

*a lot*
She's not moving to *your* civilized part of the country, she's moving to *my* civilized part of the country. Where we have produce to DIE for.
Hee. stillnotbored lives in Columbus. So, not too far.

And yes, coming back to the land of produce is part of my goal.

Farmer's markets. *sigh*

*falls dead*
I make really good apple butter.

With cloves.
*Looks at countertop covered with tomatoes from garden*

I need to learn how to can too. :)
You will be pleased with how easy it is to do hot-water-bath canning when you get around to learning it.