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Revisions, continued.

Hey, I just found a fantasia on Beauty and the Beast in this thing--a whole string of echoes that play in different directions. There are three or four different ripples spreading out from that fairy tale through this novel, none of them particularly manifest, but all of them discussing the various takes on that story--the distasteful good girl redeems bad boy version, and the ones I prefer--that it's wiser to cleave to those that love you than to those that use you, and that love can be found in the most unlikely places.

How interesting. And where the heck did that come from?

I mean, I put the swanmay stuff in on purpose.

Clever subconscious. Clever girl. *cookie*

(subconscious barks and dances)

I may actually be making this thing better rather than worse.

Although I begin to understand the mindset that hands in raw first drafts. Less work if they're just going to shred it anyway. Except then the revisions are to stuff that you probably could have fixed on your own... and the end book isn't as good.

But it probably makes the revision process less scary. Since here I sit, fixing absolutely everything I know how to fix, and I know my editor is going to want me to fix more. With which monkey wrench?

That is always the hard part.

Page 465 of 659. The end needs less work than the beginning. arcaedia, cpolk, sartorias, and truepenny are Heroes of the Revolution, as they've helped me come up with several ways to increase tension in those problematic seven chapters.
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