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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

BPAL: Darkness

(courtesy of Yoon)

BPAL Description:

The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave,
The moon, their mistress, had expir'd before;
The winds were wither'd in the stagnant air,
And the clouds perish'd; Darkness had no need
Of aid from them -- She was the Universe.

Bottled gloom; the essence of oblivion. Blackest opium and narcissus deepened by myrrh.

My Notes:

Vial:  Um. Some sort of cleaning fluid, I'm afraid.

Wet:  Myrrh. And musk. I swear. I swear this smells like musk. What's with that? Oh, there the florals come. Nice, rich florals too. Wow, it really does smell like narcissus.

In a good way. On a wet morning, when the sun is hot. 

Drydown:  Floral, sweet, with depth.

Dry:  It's sticking to the nice-ish floral, heavy, deep. Not a favorite, but I am content with it, for what it is. It's got a deep south summer night feeling to it.

So much for the cleaning fluid smell. 



I love your descriptions of these.
You should read cpolk's. She writes flash fiction. *g*
Heh. I may have to check that out. I read misia's, too, which are also pretty entertaining. I think I just enjoy any detailed, careful, yet humorous analysis of a small sensory experience. And of course the contrast with the advertising copy just makes it that much better.

I'm also just fascinated by the scents they manage to mimic. I wish I could figure out how to do a quarter of what they achieve. And it's also fascinating how different different scents are on different people.
Hee. Yeah, it's like reading a wine tasting or somebody's accound of a truly food porntastic dinner.

Off topic: just looked at "One-Eyed Jack".

A surprised ripple of rutabaga-rutabagas ran through the crowd on the other sidewalk

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee
*cough* Not that I ever worked in a theatre....
Heavens, no.

(Cabbage cabbage cabbage cabbage)
(Rhubarb! Rhubarb!)