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for hernewshoes (in her current attempt to kick the mochaccino habit) and anybody else who wants it, a friend of a friend taught me a pretty good trick for shortcut chai this week.

You will need:

a coffee grinder
a teapot full of black tea
a mug
sweetened condensed milk, fat-free or full-fat, as you prefer
and your favorite chai spice mixture.

What you do is whiz the spices in the coffee grinder until they are a fine power, and store them in an air tight container. You take a tablespoon or so of spices, open a small can (or tin, if you speak British) of condensed milk, and mix (a) into (b), and then stick the can into the fridge with a bit of saran wrap over the top.

When you need chai, make strong black tea--quite strong, I've been using half again as much tea as I normally do--and put a big spoonful of the milk/spice glop into the cup. Stir.

Instant chai. With no scrubbing the milk film off the saucepan after.

It makes me happy.
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