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It had to happen eventually.

I'm writing a post-apocalyptic beach story. To carry forward the proud genre tradition of post-apocalyptic beach stories.

It's the touching saga of a derelict battle robot and the little orphan boy who follows her along the beach, fighting the seagulls for the shellfish her broken hulk plows out of the sand.

It's the necklace story for "Sinner in the hands of a mildly startled Buddha," but it won't tell me if it wants to be called "Tideline" or "Shipwreck Jewels."

Also in the hopper: short stories or novelettes entitled "Lucifugous," "Paddareen," "Chatoyant," and "The Cold Blacksmith," and an alternate history short about Abigail Adams.

Also, gotta read the second half of The Virtu for truepenny.

Finishing novels is good; it helps the backlog of short stories that get clogged up in your brain fall out onto the paper, where they can make themselves useful
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