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the world is too much with me

There's this thing about having 750 people on my reading list. There's always something going on with somebody.

Now, mind you, I don't actually keep up with that reading list. If I did, I'd never get another thing done. But I do flit through it when I have time. And one thing I have noticed is that, every single day, somebody out there has a positive change to report--a book finished, a new job, a love affair, a baby or a puppy or an accomplishment--and every day, as well, somebody else has something world-shattering happen. A death in the family, a lost job, a financial train wreck....

It keeps my perspective blossoming.

And it makes me think, on average, we can expect at the bare minimum one miracle and one disaster every 3.3 years or so.

Sometimes, both on the same day.

No, I don't know what it means either. Shantih. Shalom.

And have some Wordsworth, as long as you're here. Even though I don't like him much.

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