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There are two serendipitous kitties, not one. This explains why the food vanishes so quickly.

They have it worked out. There's the sandy marmalade I've been seeing, and a smaller brown tiger tabby. The orange one runs recon for the brown one. The way it works is, the orange one sneaks up and starts eating, and then Brother or Sister joins it.

I am trying my favorite cat taming trick, which is to put the food out, and then go sit down about fifteen feet away with a plate of my own, and eat. Which is how I saw the brown one.

O Devious Monkey!

The orange one wouldn't eat in front of me, but just kept hovering around the corner, and checking to see if I was gone, so I came back in. But the brown was either desperate enough or convinced enough that the monkey had its own food to keep crunching away.

If they're both boys, they may wind up being Napoleon and Illya. *g* Since there's a blond and a brunette, and they've got each other covered.

In other news, I'm enjoying the Adams-Jefferson letters enormously.

The stylistic idiosyncrasies amuse the hell out of me, much like following a mailing list debate you're not participating in. jefferson doesn't much bother to capitalize, you see, and Adams, is Beset, by Commas, and Considers that the More of them, the Better. I'm finding I have to read them out loud to myself to get a sense of what they're saying, much like reading Elizabethan stuff. Otherwise I just wind up staring at the orthography.

I haven't hit Abigail's letters yet. Further details will follow.

This should be a fun story to write, though I need a better title than "1796." I've never written an epistolary story before. This should be fun.

From last night:

[22:15] matociquala: I think I'm going to bed with Thomas Jefferson now.

[22:15] matociquala: Yeah, me and the rest of the newborn nation, I know.

[22:15] melinda_goodin: really?

[22:15] melinda_goodin: must be crowded in there

[22:15] melinda_goodin: :-)

[22:15] matociquala: Boy got around, what can I say?

[22:16] katallen: heeee
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