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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I have 462 pages of manuscript piled on the desk before me.

Pass the bonesaw and a pint of gin. I'm going in.


Good luck! *hugs* :)
Don't forget your headlamp and an extra hank of rope.

And a canary!
And your Elvish sword of great antiquity.
Ouch. I hope you have a backup oxygen tank. Good luck.
I gotcher back.

A Pint? only a Pint?

When do you surface/need to have the edited copy in?
Congratulations on completion.
Good luck - or is luck a bad thing when editing?
P. S. Thank you for the informed comments on OWW for us newbee/wannabee/novice writers. I found them very helpful.

Re: A Pint? only a Pint?

I've got abou a month and a half to finish the rewrite, then I hand it in and go fall over.

I'd like to be done sooner than that, of course, because once the book is turned in, the vacation starts...

And very welcome for anything I can do...

Re: Aw, you're into the fun stuff now.

It's more like, I somehow need to get 15,000 words out of a manuscript that's already badly underwritten, because I need t oadd 10,000 words to make the plot work properly.


Word limits suck.

Re: Word limits?

Hee. I have a 115K for this sucker, and Anne *will* tell me to go find something else to cut if I don't have it down there when I deliver.

It's very tiring sometimes. Especially when I'm reasonably sure I could make it a better book with another 115K, because there's stuff I'm glossing or just not handling with the depth I'd like because I just don't have space.