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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Doo doo, the fiery furnace--

I found a scene I like!

whole scene!


yea! ::waves scene-sized flag::
Words cannot express how entertained I am that you have chairdancing as a tag.
It's Shriekback. To chairdance is inevitable!
I see.

I'm apparently missing something, here. You're going to do more to expand my musical awareness than any other five people I can think of.
It's alternarock with an improv jazz sensibility. Um. As played by a pagan punk band. Or something.

I would recommend Big Night Music or Oil and Gold to start, though I love Go Bang! and Sacred City best.

Amazing stuff.
I want you to know that your posts alone have caused me to start a thread of memories titled 'music recommendations.' I'm sure I'll /get/ recommendations from plenty of other people, but you're the one who pushed me over the edge.

Right now, however, I'm buying little. If I get this nice job I've been interviewing for, /then/ I'll go investigate alternarock.

Also, sheet music for Bollywood songs and a few other things. What good is it loving a song if I can't manage to sing it? That's like smelling fabulous food when you're hungry. (Of course, I don't /have/ to have music to learn something, but it helps when the music's unfamiliar.)

Okay, rambling, stopping now. Anyhow, alternarock played by a pagan punk band would have difficulty being bad.

...clearly, I need to make a music-related icon...
Whoo :)