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After dinner--

I hit a patch of flow and managed to get it up to a respectable 1251 words for the day.

Didn't want to quit, but it was midnight, and there is the work thing.

Thanks for the pep talks last night, Chelsea and Kat. You know those little sheets of paper you get from your health care practitioner that say, "If one or more of these events has occurred in your life in the last twelve months, you may be at risk for a serious stress-related illness?" Lately I just look at them and laugh.

The world is a hard place to live in, the last couple of years. I think I have been losing the Zen.

Oh, there it is.

(Picks Zen up, dusts it off, tucks it into pocket.)


My day job includes, among other things, writing headlines and news summaries. Filet-o-news.

2 strip clubs closed in FBI raid

Iraqi looters target mass graves; families dig to find loved ones

18 illegal immigrants suffocate in unventilated truck in Texas

School district announces layoffs

Chechnyan suicide bomber kills fifty

California lawyer declares War on Oreos

A jury will attempt to decide if William Rundle is guilty of beating his wife to death with a child-sized baseball bat: you may wish to avert your eyes while we broadcast these crime scene photos, as they are somewhat


Some days it's like a found poem, really.

I think my job may be a little depressing.
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